Why Heater AID

  • Soot remover powder

    Helps to reduce the ignition temperature of the combustibles in the remote cold parts of the boiler so that they will easily burn off, leaving a light ash powder as a by-product.

  • Reduction in Stack Emission

    This reconsideration affects the air toxic standards that limit air pollutant emissions from industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers and process heaters.

  • Energy Conservation

    On a larger scale, energy conservation is an important element of energy policy. In general, energy conservation reduces the energy consumption and energy demand per capita.

  • Save Fuel & Save Maintenance Cost

    Heater AID improves the engine combustion and performances. Consequently, maintenance costs and energy consumption are markedly reduced!

  • Smoke Control

    Limit the migration of smoke. There are several methods to limit this migration, and some are designed to provide a tenable environment for occupants to egress the building.

  • Boiler Efficiency

    Safety, efficiency and reliability of the boiler house is always of prime importance.Heater AID offers a wide range of solutions for boiler house which improve safety and efficiency.

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Company Profile

SHIV SHAKTI INDUSTRIES marked its presence in 1982. The company is in the chemical manufacturing industries. The company mainly focuses on the boiler fire side chemical. The product HEATER AID was introduced by the company in 1985, since than it is ruling the market.

HEATER AID is free following metallic powder stick (tube) unit is introduced on the fireside in the boiler, to minimize soot and carbon deposition and maintain the clean surface for an obtaining higher efficiency constantly. Fireside deposits are mainly on an account of in combustion in fuel, incomplete combustion, and sulfur dioxide and carbon complexes. These deposits act as an insultant and reduce the overall efficiencies.

HEATER AID also reduces effectively the sulfuric acid content in the flue deposits, thereby reducing corrosion.

HEATER AID is a carefully devised metallic powder in tube unit with formulation consisting of catalytic active agents, dispersants, combustion catalysts, oxidants, corrosion inhibitors, to break down soot and scale; removes soot & corrosion deposits completely from the flue gas side of boilers and air preheaters.

Actions of HEATER AID are as follows:-

  • It saves coal due to enhanced efficiency of boiler.
  • It gains in life of tubes due to erosion soot blowing.
  • It reduction of stack emission as requirement of EMS & The Norms of PCB.
  • It reduction in time of dashing.
  • It carries the important ingredients along flue gas path of boiler and reaches every part of the heating surfaces.
  • It provides combustion oxygen for the burning of carbon.
  • It reduces the ignition temperature of soot.
  • It protects metal from corrosion by coating of our metallic powders.
  • It avoids your frequent boiler cleaning.

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